From the local market…


  1. Nice blog.

  2. Another great shot, but, yeah, but how hot are they?!!!

  3. PS yeah, not from around here, cuz we spell our chile with an e. lol

  4. Fresh chilis, they are very HOT, and I can not eat a day without them. Whatever I eat, I eat with chilis.

  5. greenlants says:

    Very nice shot, almost tricks you into thinking they won’t be hot, but instead be delicious. I think if I ate something like that I would cry like a baby! 🙂 I don’t do too well when it comes to hot or spicy foods. I just steer clear.

  6. @ranhae – I know how you feel, but now I live in New Hampshire where it’s hard to get good chilis. Or chiles, as my number one fan (fam?) would say…

    @greenlants – I got some nice comments on this shot in Flickr, too. The weird thing? I don’t really care for it! To me, the focus is so soft, it takes away from the image. 🙂

    • greenlants says:

      Actually I think this shot would make a great puzzle also, like the winter shot with the power lines. Maybe you should go into the jigsaw puzzle business and sell them on eBay or online. 😛

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