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Boston Sky


Just a quick snap of a piece of the Boston sky line. I was down town to meet with a vendor, and happened to have my camera with me. It was too cold to do more than snap a few quick photos. I like the lines on this one.


  1. It must have been so hard to take shot in a very cold weather but i was glad you were still able to take some snap shot at the Boston sky line.. It’s an awesome picture.. But i feel a little gloomy watching the sky line.. i don’t know why.. there’s something in the picture i couldn’t pinpoint! He-he!

  2. It’s really great shot you made out there.
    When stare that picture I feel I’m the one who took the shot.

  3. greenlants says:

    Truly a great shot, maybe one of my favorites of yours I’ve seen now. Though I’ve never been a downtown kind of person, the place I live now is on the edge of it, and I have lived in a couple major cities that had big buildings and nice skylines (Atlanta….) in their main downtown areas. So yeah, nice shot bud!

  4. @-@ woah the perspective makes me dizzy. Awsome picture by the way. Makes me want to grab my camera and start taking pictures. Though I need something so I can connect it to my computer. Darn little things.

  5. PhotoBlogGeek says:

    Like that composition. It gives me feeling to follow those buildings up to the sky. Nice one

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