They used to sell shoes here


At the men’s section of Macy’s in Manchester, New Hampshire, they used to sell shoes. There were probably over a hundred styles of shoes that have been replaced by boxes of Isotoner slippers.

Isotoner slippers are so ugly…


  1. Why did they replace the shoes with the slippers? When I first read your headline I thought you meant the store was going out of business like a photo picturing the state of the economy, sort of a photojournalism sort of thing. Are isotone slippers that fashionable?

  2. Great Q, Joe, I was wondering the same thing myself….. maybe some things are just beyond comprehension :-/

  3. I think this particular Macy’s, like so many other retail stores, is hanging on by a very thin thread. They still have some men’s shoes available, but the selection has been curtailed dramatically. I guess it’s okay, of the remaining shoes, I didn’t really see anything I wanted. Even if I had, there was no one around to go get a pair in my size.

  4. The last thing you need is another pair of shoes, darling.

  5. This is a nice shot. The strong blues on the left and the strong reds on the right come together nicely. Also, what are Isotoner slippers? Haha

  6. barbie forteza says:

    @ryan, I have the same question in mind. I would just probably google the meaning later. ehe

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