Trees in the night


My first attempt at some long exposure night time photography. This one is a 30 second exposure of snow covered trees.


  1. greenlants says:

    I like this picture, though it’s “weird” to me. Not bad, just weird lol. I like the ominous black/dark clouds and sky. Along with the contrast of lighter green and the white from the snow to add to it. I just wish the darker tree in the background of the two snow trees in front had a little more light on it, either through natural light or maybe the white of the snow. Hope that makes sense, by no means am I an expert! 😛

    • If the lamp posts were Narnia, this is straight out of Middle Earth. Fabulous. Strider cannot be far off….

      • James Moralde says:

        Ha ha … yes, it does remind me of Narnia. And it does look ominous. Meaning, this was the time before Aslan and his friends defeated their enemies. 🙂

        Seriously, this is an excellent study of light and shade. I even played a little with this by changing the contrast settings of my monitor. I must be color blind because no matter how I adjust my settings, I still can’t see the the ‘lighter green’ color that greenslants is referring to. It’s more like gray to me than green. 🙂

  2. A lot of depth in the clouds. But what are the red specs in the middle of the photos, Are they berries

  3. What the bleep says:

    This picture really makes some sense, really liked it, I’m just saving this and going to put it into my laptop background. My son will really like this, thanks for sharing by the way.

    • Cool – let me know if you’d like something more suitable for a computer backdrop. I can give you a copy at whatever dimensions you’d like (the original is over 4,000 pixels wide).

  4. This is a cool shot. I like the mood of it with the dark colors of the sky contrasted with the white of the snow. Those three or four bare trees in the center without any leaves are also quite interesting. Thanks for sharing.

  5. This just grows on me more and more every time I look at it. John says I should order a print. My BD is next month………

  6. (laughing) what size you like???

  7. well, to get the full effect, at least 11×14 don’t you think? :)) It could be a wall….. lol tambien

  8. I am frequently taking picture of the garden at night at the moment because thesnow looks so pretty but they just don’t come out anywhere near as good as yours.

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