Pepe in Pearls

orange puma penguin

Pepe, the orange PUMA penguin, sports a string of pearls and thinks about spring time.


  1. greenlants says:

    Awww that’s cute. It almost looks like the penguin is made out of orange sherbet ice cream. 😀

  2. The dirty snow behind the penguin reminds me of Michigan winters!

  3. Beth Charette says:

    This thing that I like most about this photographer’s work is the obvious patience with which the subjects have been chosen.

    The simple pearls over the penguin, for example, is understated, and lends itself to a myriad of meanings.

    These birds are the pearls of the antarctic, the one decoration amid the frozen windswept cold.

    Their huddling together in large circles to protect the young, and the switching of the members on the outer portion of the ring occasionally, demonstrates both their intelligence and the sharing of hardship that is essential to life on the ice plains.

    The circle then becomes the penguins’ symbol of survival, well represented by the pearls in this photograph.


  4. Anne Moss says:

    Poor penguin… Where was the picture taken? I’m from Israel, so not familiar with snowy setups 😉

    • Beautiful, sunny Boston, Massachusetts. Well, just north of Boston… a pile of snow in a Target retail shopping center parking lot, pushed into a big pile by the snow plows.

  5. Wow, Beth, you’re quite the story weaver with the whole thing about the pearls and circles and so on. Really interesting! When my younger kids were little, we used to make up as many different meanings and possible applications for different things as we could, and it was often quite creative. Thanks for sharing, I enjoyed it.
    I just noticed the shadows, both of the penguin and behind, looking like s/he was emerging from a snow cave. I like James’s use of shadows, intentional or – not? And a Target parking lot…. I thot it was the back of the cul de sac!!

  6. Shadows were intentional. 😀 Glad you enjoyed…

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  8. @Beth

    “These birds are the pearls of the antarctic, the one decoration amid the frozen windswept cold.”

    Not in a million years I would’ve written something like that.
    My thoughts were like ‘an orange penguin in font of a pile of snow’. 🙂

  9. Pepe not the only one thinking about spring. Like the juxtaposition of the orange penguin and white pearls.

  10. Pepe looks pretty gorgeous in his pearls.

  11. I love how the shadow of the penguin looks so real and the contrast of it to the orange penguin. Awesome!

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