Nikon D90

Nikon D90

Substantial thanks to Mom and Dad, whose Christmas gift made this possible. Love you both – with or without the camera, of course.


  1. greenlants says:

    Nice, a picture of a camera. 😀 lol Was this also taken with your cell phone camera, or an older one you had? I’ve never owned a camera this nice, I’m sure you’re very happy with your parents right now 😛 The most expensive camera I’ve owned is my $119 Casio, and I’m sure a lens for your Nikon would cost just as much. Congrats!

    • That’s a nice camera to have, my boss actually owns one and I got to use it a couple of times… it feels much heavier and sturdier than my D60 and I like the larger screen that it has.

      And it’s great that you have the UV filter as well. that’s good protection for the lens, just in case =)

  2. You’re welcome! We are really glad this is something you’re enjoying. Reminescing about your dad’s first Nikkormat “back in the day”. This blog is a lot of fun and we enjoy seeing all your great pics. Spreading the luv :)))) and virtual hugs.

    • greenlants says:

      That is AWESOME that you would take the time/show interest in your sons’ hobbies and come comment on his blog. Very nice parents indeed 😀 (I wonder if my parents would ever do that…. ::dials the phone:: )

      • Well, thank you GL, for that nice compliment 🙂 I’m also James’ “# 1 fan” and this blog is a wonderful way to connect with some of his life ‘back East’ in the current ice and snow. I trust your parents are interested in what you enjoy as well…. I mean, there’s a lot of books on his shelves (or bedside table) I might not enjoy, but there’s a few we share interest in that arena as well. And can he bake some fabulous bread (too bad, Jim, you couldn’t have a slice of that beautiful loaf) and well as other culinary and gastronomic feats of feast and flavor. So, yeah, I enjoy being a benefactor of his hobbies! In return, maybe he’ll post a pic of himself & Gomez in tee shirts…. hint, hint, James, he could wear the Gomez Rulz one, if you scrunch it up in back. Maybe.

  3. Can’t wait to have my portrait taken!

  4. Ooh, very nice. My stepdad has this camera. He doesn’t use it to its full potential but it takes amazing pictures. First time commenter here. I subscribed and will be following your development as a photographer! I used to have a Canon Rebel xTi myself, but have since sold it. Now I use the d90 whenever I can 🙂

  5. Josh – cool, welcome, glad you found the site.

    I have an auto glass blog that I manage… I imagine writing for a latex mattress blog has to be at least as challenging as writing about auto glass on a daily basis! It’s gotten to the point that I write for every author that was supposed to be writing there… so you see different by-lines, but it’s almost all me. Good luck to you!

    Yeah, the D90 is fantastic. I am woefully uneducated… but through trial and error, reading the books, and taking some classes, it will get better!

  6. A nice picture of a camera! What did you use to take it? My brother has the same camera and i love it.

  7. Was a Sony DSC-W290. Here’s the details


  1. Moon says:

    […] Regular readers (viewers?) of this blog will know how frustrated I was with my previous camera(s). After losing my Pentax, I tried a Fuji and Sony, and kept finding my iPhone to be superior to these point-and-shoot cameras. After considering many models by both Canon and Nikon, I chose the Nikon D90. […]

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