Maglight brand flashlight on ice.


  1. This is impressive. I really like the composition.

  2. where’s the ice, meaning where’d you take the picture.

    • Hey, John, I took this in the back yard. There’s about three inches of ice I built up slowly over the course of the last three weeks by stomping the snow flat then wetting it down with a garden hose. We went ice skating on Sunday. 🙂 Claire says it’s too bumpy (and she is, of course, correct).

  3. Matt McGuire says:

    Cool photo. Is that a B&W photograph or does it just appear that way?

  4. Jim Hardin says:

    As I have said James you have great photos and I like your tag lines. I like the way you take ordinary things and make them extraordinary.

    Maglight brand flashlight on ice thats just cool!

  5. anonymous says:

    wow,this image looks really nice.I liked it.If you could share some technical details as well on how you took the picture such as the camera,iso and other stuff I don’t quite know but my fiancee would find very helpful:-)

    • Quite frankly – it’s just a Sony point-n-shoot taken in low light with a low flash. The camera doesn’t have enough settings to even describe… 😐

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