Lamps in the snow

lamps in the snow

Continuing our review of snow from the last storm (I’ve been looking at cameras more than looking through them this week).


  1. greenlants says:

    Wow, this picture would make an awesome puzzle! I love this shot. There’s white almost everywhere, even on the power lines. Again, great shot, this is probably one of my favorites that I’ve seen on your site!

  2. Wow! The cold might be a little too much sometimes in winter, but this time of year really is beautiful. Great job of capturing that sense of winter beauty!

  3. OK, another series: Black & white/ snow puzzles!! I love it. They’d sell like, ummm, hot cakes – in Phoenix in the summer time. Cool you right off… (not, I know,,,,,,)
    Include the winter garden shot, which comes to mind immediately, and I’m sure you have some others :))))))

  4. Jim Hardin says:

    Awesome Picture! I love the lights! It could be on a post card 🙂

  5. If it weren’t for the power lines…. I’d be looking around for Lucy and Mr Tumnus . . . . nice!

  6. Your photos are beautiful. I really appreciate the outdoor pictures that you include here. I live in the country and can really enjoy nature as it was intended to be enjoyed! Have you considered using some of your photos on Christmas cards, etc.?

  7. I love the snow, and I love this photo! I love how the light glows through the snow, however it might have been more effective if it was slightly darker outside.

    • Jamie – gotta agree, it was a bit bright outside. I was shooting with a Sony point and shoot at the time, and really struggled with getting any quality photos in less than perfect lighting conditions. This would be a shot I would like to retake now that I have a more serious camera.

      I’m now following Clearer Images on Twitter, and will check your site out as well.

  8. That is an excellent picture. In Cleveland we could never get such a pristine picture. With all the traffic, that white snow quickly turns gray. Excellent photography. Stay warm!

  9. It’s beautiful but I would hate living in it. I lived in snow for 4 years and it was horrible!!!

  10. Nice picture, but I am really glad that the snow left us in Sweden now. I like snow but I love the summer!

  11. Wow great picture
    Always impressed to see some on that can use a camera
    good job !

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