Quick shout out to the guys at National Music, Inc., because they didn’t have to be cool when I came in asking if I could use their store for a photo.

Knowing I wasn’t going to buy anything, they didn’t have to share stories about how one company is using reclaimed¬†Cyprus¬†to make some very cool looking electric guitars (like the sixth one from the left in this photo), or ask me what I knew about music, or anything like that. But they did, and their store is amazing.

If you’re in the market for a new guitar, electric or acoustic, and live within 50 miles of Woburn, MA, I would recommend you take the drive. Great guys there who seem to really know their stuff, and the selection is really impressive. I probably captured less than ten percent of their inventory in this photo.

Check ’em out. I think it would be worth the drive.

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