Dying Tulips

Dying tulips

These were beautiful recently. They’ve given all they have to give, and it’s time for them to compost.


  1. # 1 fam - oops, fan says:

    Just sorta how we feel on some days, huh… given all I have to give, can I go compost now… or feeling composted already. ;-/
    I did enjoy the original picture of them.

    PS – maybe you need Snoopy to drop by with his zamboni for your ice ring in the back yard (I doubt the snow plows from Manchester airport would help…. πŸ™‚

  2. andy rammell says:

    i like tulips especially tulip glasses in the uk…

    nice blog

  3. Camille Jude says:

    It really gives the out come of the flower on a black background mode. Really fascinates me when viewing the photo

  4. I like beautiful pictures.They’ve given all they have to give, and it’s time for them to compost.Your blog make me happy,thanks!

  5. James Moralde says:

    I have friends who have photo blogs like this too. Sire of scenicadelaide and Brian of passionatephoto. Photo blogs, the good ones being few, are a breath of fresh air in the world wide web.

    I also have some degree of interest on photography but it may have to wait till my retirement so I can have the extra time. Nice one, James. πŸ™‚

    • Hey, James, thanks for stopping by. I routinely check out Sire’s photo blog, too, but don’t know Brian’s. I’ll look for it, too.

      Don’t wait… grab a cheap Canon point-n-shoot and put it in your pocket. If find you like it, it doesn’t really take that much time.

      • James Moralde says:

        Hmmmn, I like your suggestion. Actually, I have a digital camera at home. You think digital cameras can work as good as the traditional ones? I seem to notice that most, if not all serious photography enthusiasts use the traditional ones (the ones where you have to plug in some film).

        Anyway, I may not become a good photographer but I sure appreciate and love to see beauty captured through photographs. There’s probably an artist hidden somewhere deep inside me πŸ™‚ because I do know when something looks exceptionally good be it a sunset, a picture, a girl, etc.

  6. greenlants says:

    I really like the picture. I recently bought a Canon PowerShot A590IS, but I have no real “skills” when it comes to photography. I’ve always been interested in photography, but didn’t really know where to start. I live in Richmond, VA too, so I’m sure there are plenty of historical places I could take pictures at and get some decent ones. Maybe once it warms up I’ll try out Maymont Park, they have a lot of botanical stuff there, it’s really pretty and maybe I could get some good shots. Again I like this picture, I like how it’s completely dark in the background and you can just see the lit flowers (my noob opinion). πŸ™‚

    • I found that carrying a camera with me everywhere makes all the difference in the world. Also, when I get a shot I really like, I share it with a few different groups on Flickr where I can get some good feedback. It helps me push my limits as a photographer.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  7. Sallie Cornwall says:

    Now im scared. I am a woman and they said woman lose its value when getting older unlike men, while they age, their value increases. We are like this tulip (we women). So beautiful when still young but as tulip age, it loses its beauty.. Huhuhuhu..

    • I don’t know, Sallie, my Claire seems to get more lovely every day. And even though these tulips are dying, they are still beautiful. Wish I had a proper camera to really capture these…

  8. i have a photoblog too
    i see you blog is great
    and i like your theme
    i search something like this template and i found nothing
    what template you used
    is free or buy

    • Hi, Willy, it’s a modified mini skin by Kristarella running on the Thesis theme. You can find links to all in the footer at the bottom of this page. There’s a charge for Thesis, but it’s hands-down the most flexible WordPress theme out there. SEO friendly and full of customization opportunities, but it requires a little bit of know-how to make it work just the way you want it.

  9. Hi, to Salli Cornwall: I guess being old doesn’t meant you are out-blown or decomposed. Tulips on decomposed state is still beautiful. You can have them on a certain book where you can maintain its beauty that is not as fresh as before but it has a certain beauty left and creates a new life in it. I have tried it. You get some tulip or anything that is of flower kind, then you place it on a book int the mid section page area, then press it with some rocks or something heavier. You see when days passed/months/years the flower is still there though the color changed, the texture changed but the beauty of it still remains. I guess the wisdom of this reflects on my grandmother. She is kinda old but she is still a beauty in sight for me. She is an aged yet with an exotic aura that captures people’s attention when they saw her. So Miss Sallie have your fears on the compost pit and bury them for women that are aging is still an exotic flower. By the way, my grandmother is 85 years old and she is still a beauty for me. I love her so much.

  10. Tulips are truely a beautiful flower. This is a really good photo. There is still some elegance in them as they die off.

  11. I love photography. Some of my favorite classes I took in college where photography classes. There is something so relaxing about spending your day in the dark room and developing some amazing pictures!

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