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citrus cocktail

Simple still life with citrus.

1/28/10: Found this in use at a cocktail hour web page.


  1. Did you photoshop the edges of the photo ?

  2. Nice shot, the short depth of field works well. What did you use for lighting?

    • The lighting is actually my least favorite aspect of this shot.

      I took the photo in my dining room, where I have an overhead incandescent chandelier on a dimmer switch. The camera was mounted on a tripod, and this is a two second exposure.

      The shadow from the glass is from two candles just to the left of the lens of the camera. I didn’t notice these shadows when I was shooting, so this shot is a great learning experience. Check the shadows… always check the shadows!

  3. very fresh look… I like it…

  4. Very cool. The red background gives it a classy look. Reminds me of some sort of liquor advertisement. Conveniently enough I have a clementine sitting right next to me.

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