Wine and snow

white wine, red wine, snow

For the December monthly scavenger hunt on Flickr, members were tasked with finding a photo to represent “the other color” and “deep and crisp and even.” I present this image of a Pinot Grigio snow flake surrounding the other color (a Pinotage), in a bed of deep, crisp, even snow. It was raining when I managed to snag this capture; I can attest that the snow met the requirements of the category as my first shots involved laying down in the stuff.


  1. what’s mean?

  2. The scavenger hunt has a list of phrases, you have to take photos that emulate the phrase.

  3. Very cool. This is my favorite photo yet. You drank the props when finished shooting, correct? Did you supply your own light source, or was this light coming from the moon/house?

  4. As an afterthought… If this was shot in a wider format, I’m pretty sure I’d make it my wallpaper =)

  5. @John, something like this?

    I took the photo in the late afternoon; it’s just natural day light.

    …and yes, nothing went to waste. 😉

  6. Doug Cook says:

    That’s very cool. I would have never guessed that that was snow if would have made no mention of it in the post.

  7. Time Lapse – Adobe After Effects

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