Moonlight and Steeple

moonlight ant steeple

Another photo from Lexington, VA. This is among my first attempts of taking photos in the moonlight. Clearly, I need some practice.

Or a tripod…


  1. The photo has a calming effect I like it.

  2. You may need some more practice but it is a nice start. It is definitely one of those moments you had an eye for something pleasing.

  3. of course life is always, or should be always treated as practice…that’s how we always get better…but you are good where you start…this was meant to relay to you a subtle yet serious compliment! LOL…seriously, I am loving your photography =)

  4. I like this picture, the color contrast is really interesting. I am curious what type of camera and lens you used for this picture.

  5. It’s actually a point and shoot / pocket camera. Sony Cyber-shot DSC-W290 with a Carl Zeiss® 28mm lens. I didn’t have a tripod with me to stabilize the camera, so I held the camera against the top of a post to help keep it steady.

  6. Great picture, love your blog:)

  7. Practice makes perfect but i’d say that this photo is already good. It is like a light amidst the dark sky. 🙂

  8. Thanks… please make sure you use a name going forward? If you type “James@camera trick” you will have a link to “camera trick” in your comment. Otherwise, I will delete the links.



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