Home Depot’s shopping cart shame

home depot and handicapped customers

Look closely.

Do you see what’s wrong with this picture?

I’m participating in an on-line monthly photo scavenger hunt. Number ten on the December 2009 list is Grinch or Humbug or Scrooge. I try to take pictures that cause you to look a second time. Take a look at this photo a second time, and you’ll see that Home Depot is giving a big fat “Humbug” to its disabled customers.

You see… the carts are more important. No where in the Londonderry Home Depot parking lot is there a handicapped parking space that is as close to the store as the cart stalls.

I’m disappointed in Home Depot. In general, this is a company I really like doing business. Today, it cost them. I have all these reward points saved up on a credit card, and I had the opportunity to order some gift cards. There’s work to be done around the house, so I was going to redeem my points for $275 worth of Home Depot gift cards.

I got Lowe’s gift cards instead.

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