Frozen Grass

frozen grass

How cold is it? I’ll let these blades of grass be your guide…


  1. Nice picture James. This is my first time of seeing frozen grasses because I live on a tropical country. Cool!

  2. Jim Hardin says:

    Great Picture! I do live in New England, but I have to say I haven’t stopped to look at the simple beauty of frozen grass. Sometimes we should all just stop for a minute and look at the beauty that is below our feet or even on our counter.

  3. Angela Smith says:

    Very cool! Great macro shot!

  4. Hi James, love the shot,it looks like the blades have frozen droplets on them, brilliant!

  5. Thanks, all. I ended up with this affect after running the hose at temperatures below freezing. It was a light mist, and the grass just became encapsulated over time; about a centimeter from one side of the glass to the other.

  6. Gavin Boyd says:

    Ye cracking shot James. It is well captured. It is like the new carbon emission advert on T.V. It shows the ice bergs melting, then when the camera backs up it is actually frost on a car window. Pretty clever stuff and that’s what this shot reminds me of. Cool

  7. Igor Lukyanov (Ukrainian illustrator and artist) says:

    Oh, this is really an unusual shot. Did you freeze grass or something deliberately to take a photo? Or how can it happen in your tropical country? It is interesting to see how ice preserved greenery and make it look fresh. It would be cool if there were more sun shining with sparkles on ice.

  8. That looks awesome. For some reason, it reminds me of the game Metroid, some sort of power up maybe?

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