Christmas tulips

pink tulips

Merry Christmas!


  1. wow, pretty. I like the barbed wire on ice, too, they make a nice contrast!

  2. What kind of Camera did you use to get such a hq picture so close to the roses?

  3. “Dallas,”

    Please remember the comment policy – your name is required, but you can enter your keywords for search engine optimization goodness. If you enter “James @ Free Photos for Bloggers,” for example, only the “Free Photos for Bloggers” would form the anchor text for your link. I look forward to your future visits, and will edit this comment to match that so you can take advantage of the do-follow nature of the link going forward.

    I also edited the post to show the EXIF data. It was a Sony DSC-W290. One of the few shots I really liked that I got out of that camera…


  1. Dying Tulips says:

    […] were beautiful recently. They’ve given all they have to give, and it’s time for them to […]

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