Black cat with green eyes

black cat

Muffet has graced these pages before… this time he’s enjoying the weather inside by the fire.


  1. the black cat!! rawr i mean Meow ehehe nice one dude

  2. He’s a real cat – so handsome and a good provider.

  3. Nice photo. Is that the reflection of a chipmunk it its eye?! 🙂

    • (laughing) I don’t have any good shots of any of the chipmunks he brought in over the summer… he racked up quite the tally! Now that it’s winter here (I know it’s summer for you), we haven’t seen any chipmunks in quit some time.

  4. Nice looking black cat this is with green eyes. Very nice picture this is.

  5. Nice photo, Muffet seems reflective, wonder what’s on its mind.

  6. oooooooo……pretty mama, yeah, my fcriend use to have a black kitty with blue eyes and she was the prettiest cat I had ever seen, so exotic, just beautiful.

  7. Wow, the cat’s eye really looks like a marble here. Cool photo!

  8. Agree with John, the light makes the cat look real cool.

  9. Good shoot, bit bright maybe but good angle.

  10. That was really awesome. I had my pet miming but he don’t have that beautiful eyes! Hmmm, how i wish to have one.

  11. Wow, thats a great photo, did you take it? My cat is a Burmese and has blue eyes which look great with his tan colored fur. Your cat looks like a real beast in this picture – it actually looks quite scary (Im sure its not!).

  12. oh what a fabulous picture of your cat, love the gorgious green eyes, he looks deep in thought, myabe near luch time or something!!
    the eyes are so unusual and outstanding! Could just snuggle up with him!

  13. Heather says:

    Great close up shot. What camera are you using? I had a FujiFilm which to be honest wasn’t very good at close up pics like this. I changed it for a Sony Lumix and its performing much better. I hope to see more pics of Muffet soon!

  14. How gorgious is this animal, i would love to have him and photograph him in the summer as i have a new Didital SLR Nikon D90 camera i need to get used to, he could be my little model, love your blogg, will come on again, thanks

  15. Oh i think this picture is so sweet, a posing cat! Ive seen everything now, love his green eyes, he looks very well looked after, im only commenting as i am thinking of buying a kitten and i am not sure what colour i would like to have, think after seeing this pic my mind id made up! Thanks for sharing thsi lovely pic and helping me to decide!

  16. The cat is gorgeous but also looks pretty cunning! Great shot of Muffets eyes 🙂

  17. I always wanted to have a black cat but didn’t have the chance to. I found them very beautiful and especially this cat with green eyes! This cat is so pretty so adorable, I wish it’s mine.

  18. I am very curious about cat’s eye it seems very mysterious.

  19. I have a black kitten that we got from the SPCA which looks very similar to your cat. Obviously my kitten is a lot younger than yours but i think one day they will both look very similar – great photo by the way 🙂

  20. Beautiful cat you have their my friend, nice one. My cat is white and black, somewhat in the middle of both. I like her that way.

  21. Your cat have beautifull eyes, green and i see there also blue and yellow, nice pic 🙂

  22. Beautiful. Seems like she’s used to the closeups to where she’s ready at any moment of the day. Was this zoomed in or were you really THAT close?

  23. Kendall says:

    BEAUTIFUL !!! great capture and that cat is a beauty! Thank God for technology that allows us to capture nature like this and thank God for nature as beautiful as this! 🙂

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