Spicy Bacon and Chicken Alfredo

Spicy bacon-chicken alfredo

That’s not really this dish’s name.

It’s more, “Spicy bacon-chicken Alfredo with green-chili-cilantro marinara sauce and avocado.” And if you’re fundamentally opposed to deglazing a pan of bacon drippings with heavy cream, you should just go ahead and leave now. This dish is not for those on their second triple-bypass.

The Alfredo sauce

I’m writing for someone who knows how to prepare a standard Alfredo sauce. If you don’t, Chuck will tell you how. I don’t use as much cream or cheese, and I skipped the butter, because I figured I had enough going on without it.

Start with cooking three slices of bacon cut into half inch strips and 3/4 lbs of chicken in a skillet. Set the meats aside and deglaze the pan with heavy whipping cream on low heat to start the Alfredo sauce. Add approximately 1/3 cup freshly grated Romano and 1/3 cup freshly grated Parmesan. That stuff in the green shaker can? That doesn’t count. Use real cheese! After the sauce is starting to set, add garlic, paprika, and cyan pepper to taste. Sauce should have a gentle pink color.

The Marinara sauce

In another pot, prepare a sauce of Roma tomatoes, diced red onion, garlic, diced green chili, and cilantro. I used 5 tomatoes, two chilis, half a small red onion, and about a quarter cup of fresh chopped cilantro. Simmer about 15-20 minutes.

When it was time to serve, I warmed the bacon and chicken in the microwave, then tossed it with the Alfredo sauce and fettuccine noodles. After plating the noodles, I added the tomato sauce and garnished with one half avocado.

The dish was delicious, but with all the good things going on, I found the fettuccine was actually a little bit distracting. I think I would have preferred this dish served over pene or campanella noodles instead. I’ll try that next time. I’ll also probably toss some habenero in there to bump up the spice.

Very. Very. Good.

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