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Puma coupon

PUMA coupon

Click the coupon for a full size version. Print it out and save up to 30% on your Puma gear.

I never used to wear Puma, but have been quite happy with my Puma stuff. Especially the non-zipper hoodie… right Mary? 🙂


  1. sing with me, you know the tune:
    “all I want for Christmas is a Puma hoodie, a Puma hoodie, a Puma hoodie,
    all I want for Christmas is a Puma hoodie
    so I can stay warm at either of my sons’ house(s)!”
    Seems like Mary likes her non-zip hoodie, I know I LoVeD it :)))))))))

    PS Those stuffed peppers looked sooooooooooo good!
    PSS did the bird cluck or gobble before you chopped its head off?

  2. For those that wonder about the peppers, here they are.

    The cluck and gobble comment is related to a tweet I made, in which I quoted an acquaintance who said, “I was Betty Freaking Crocker today. I roasted either a chicken or a turkey, I’ll be honest I’m still not sure what it was”

    I still cannot get over that statement. CRACKS. ME. UP.

    So mom. What size? Send me an e-mail…

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