Mystic Pizza

Mystic Pizza

I took this photo on Wednesday, but waited until we got home to upload it. Driving from New Hampshire to Virginia, we stopped in Mystic, Connecticut for dinner. Twenty one years after the film named after the restaurant, the establishment is still filled with hundreds of photos from the movie. The pizza was good, but needed more sauce. Perhaps not quite a “slice of heaven,” it was still pretty good.


  1. This is great to see the pic and i just love pizza and it has been my favorite since childhood.

  2. MMM….Pizza…Mystic Pizza does make you hungry. I am a bit of a fan of tasty pizza.

  3. Funny thing about Mystic Pizza… if your grocer carries the frozen variety, I highly recommend it. For a frozen pie, it’s a great value (we get ours at Costco in a three pack for about ten bucks).

    The restaurant itself was a bit of a let down. Admittedly, I was hoping for a lot, so maybe that’s not fair. What disappointed me is that the sauce on the frozen pizza is actually more flavorful than the sauce in the restaurant.

  4. thanks for sharing photos from the movie

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