His and her Frye harness boots

frye boots
So here’s the challenge: Which boots are mine, and which are Claire’s?


  1. huh… after hearing about the matching sets of overalls – both winter and summer – I’m stunned into not wanting to guess :))
    But I’m sure the different colors help you guys know which ones are yours….. and that’s always a good thing!

  2. the boots very good.

  3. wow, good boots

  4. A pair of those are men’s boots? Hmmm…

  5. Alexander says:

    The brown/maroon looks like it belongs to the girl. That’s my guess at least, since guys tend to be pretty unimaginative with colors on footwear and get black by default… hehehe.

  6. Oooohhh… that’s harsh. I’m going to have to post a pic of my safety-orange Tretorn hightops in response to this post.

    I wanted brown, but she found brown first, so you’re right, those are hers. 🙁 But I do get to wear them, so it’s all good.

  7. wow, good boots

    . Where can I Buy?

  8. good stuff, i think my girlfriend needs new boots now.

  9. The boots displayed are very delightful to wear and I come to see to it that I am going to purchase it in the near future.

  10. There are many things in the fashion industry that can be his or hers. Fashion has really evolved into this style because society has accepted it. Years ago I’m not so sure that this would have been accepted, maybe even ridiculed. Men’s and women’s fashion statements have been on the up-swing over the years. For example, scarves have been a real popular accessory for people over the last couple of years, especially in major cities. Fashion can really display a person’s overall style.

  11. Stephan Berglund says:

    That’s an easy one ! Your’s are the brown in the background…right ?

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