(do not) ENTER?

do not enter
The Shaw’s grocery store across the street from my office has entertaining entry ways. The traffic streams are on the left… as if we were in the United Kingdom, so people constantly are criss-crossing and having to dance around each other as they make futile attempts to enter an exit with no motion sensor to open the door.

What makes it really intuitive? The big red circle with a slash through it. Nothing says, “Come on in!” like a big red circle with a slash through it…


  1. well, I was going to quote the NH motto as “reason enough”, but just realized your office is in MA, so I guess I can’t help you with that….

  2. Ok Carey – that made me laugh out loud! In fact, I’ve now switched to giggling. Maybe the thinking on the signage is one of the store’s “Special Features”???

  3. cool – you know they say a laugh is worth a thousand words, and continued giggles make your body smile. If they don’t say that, they should… “special features” for the soul :)))))))
    who knew such a dumb sign could have such benefits!

  4. This type of signage creates a talking point. It will attract more customers as people will talk about them. Clever signage!

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