Broken Countour case

broken countour case

This is the second Countour case I’ve owned for my iPhone. This is the second one where the clip broke. Argh.

[New on 11/1]

After the first break, I happened to be in a mall with an Apple store, so I wandered over. I explained to the salesperson that I needed a new case because my really cool Contour case broke. He asked me if I had it with me. I did. He took the broken clip from me, opened a box on a new one, and gave me a new clip.

A few months later, it broke again. This time, I surfed over to the Contour Web site and voiced my frustrations to them. Nothing over the top, just a quick note saying I was disappointed in the product.

Within two hours, Julie in customer service sent me a personal e-mail (not one of those stupid “we got your e-mail and think you like receiving spam, so here’s some spam” e-mails). She said, “We redesigned this clip a few months back. Please send me your shipping info and I will get a replacement to you.”

Wow! Thanks, Julie – and thank you, Contour!

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