United Airlines plane with hole in the wall

united airlines hole

Dear United Airlines,

If your maintenance crews know there is a hole in the interior walls of the aircraft, please fix it properly.

When you leave a gaping hole leading to the small space between the inner and outer walls, I worry about what else you didn’t get right.

Seriously – duct tape is not the answer here.




  1. mama-san(se) says:

    well, the mice have an easier time of it than at your place…..
    OK, enough of that “open letter” stuff… what I really want to talk about the screw driver and your finger…. can you ‘splain? sum up? was it electric? which finger? what were you doing? what were you thinking? etc etc etc……………. hmmmmmmmmmm?

  2. You know, duct tape just may be the ticket here…I watched an episode of myth busters devoted entirely to duct tape. They made and successfully sailed a boat fabricated of duct tape. Maybe United Airlines also caught this episode. Most probably though, your initial reaction that the job was not done right the first time…is correct. What a shock though, in this day in age. LOLOLOL!!!

    Quest for Quality!

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