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Strategic Claim Services

Strategic Claim Services, originally uploaded by jronaldlee. Some rights reserved: CC BY 2.0.

Strategic Claim Services by James Ronald Lee

My title is “Managing Director, Product Development” at TGSC Group (parent company to TeleGlass and Strategic Claim Services), but sometimes I contribute in other ways as well, such as today when I installed the company logo and name on the wall outside my office.

Kids – pay attention in geometry and algebra. It comes into play later in life, even when you don’t think it will. In this case, I had a spreadsheet full of calculations to determine how much space I wanted to use and generate measure points for the various letters.


  1. Aahh…I see the exact spacing of each letter. This reminds me when my husband put new house numbers up on the front of the house. Let’s just say, he should have done more calculating before nailing the numbers up.

  2. Talk about perfection! How long did this take? Looks good.

  3. Well done….very strategic!!

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