Still life with work boots

steel toed boots

Claire and I have an expression. “It’s ours now.”

You know how when you purchase something, and bring it home, and you accidentally damage it in some way? No way to return the item, because you’ve done something silly and now the store won’t take it back?

These boots are like that. That whole finger incident… it happened the day I bought these boots. When I put the nail into my finger, I was wearing these boots for the first time. I had a bead of caulk between two pieces of wood, and when I drove the nail through the wood and into my finger, a bit of caulk found on the right boot. It left a stain while I was doing the ol’ first aid routine.

I’ll be wearing these all weekend – the first time I’ve worn them since I put some caulk on the right boot and made sure they’d be mine, and I could not return them.

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