Siloh in the mist

siloh in the mist

I love this farm.

I get to drive past it most days, and I almost always look. Today I pulled over to snap a photo…


  1. I really enjoy all the mist-y pictures, they have a sort of dreamy quality. The maple leaf with lady bug was a special favorite even without the mist. You’ve had some really nice maple leaf motifs, too.
    Checking out your blog has become an AM routine; I love seeing what new things you’ve posted, and if you haven’t gotten to it since the last time I checked, I have to come back during the day. We’ll have to talk about the hair cut thing…. (or not 🙂
    I’m glad you’re doing this, it’s great fun on this end so I hope it’s fun for you.

  2. Most days it’s fun. Sometimes I struggle with what to shoot… and some days it’s just instinctive. I know I caught some guff for the lag bolts, but I really enjoyed that set.

    Wanna know how to have your pic show up when you post? 😀

  3. that wasn’t guff on the lag bolts, it was . . . uh, it was. . . just for fun :)))))))
    I actually enjoyed the lag bolts!
    I’m sorry if we got carried away with the silliness, it just took on a life of it’s own, and I’ve been beating it down ever since.

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