Sacred Heart Church

I was scheduled to have my stitches removed in Derry tomorrow at 8:45 AM, but due to an important meeting being scheduled for 9 AM at work, I had to go see Dr. Klingler today instead. That meant a drive up to Concord, where I passed the Sacred Heart Church on the way home. I couldn’t resist hopping out of the car for a couple minutes to snap a couple shots. I really like the combination of organic and mineral in this shot, plus the great perspective as the lines of the cathedral reach to the heavens.

For those who are wondering, the finger continues to heal very nicely. The doctor says it may be six more months before the swelling completely goes away (it’s probably 20% larger than it should be). I was able to decline physical therapy as I have seen significant progress. Unfortunately, outside of my doctor appointment and making dinner, I’ve been working non-stop since 6:30 this morning, and that means a LOT of typing. I’m beat, and the finger is telling me that enough is enough.

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