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Voice adds to Google’s growing influence

If you haven’t heard about Google Voice yet, it was only going to be a matter of time.

Google Voice gives me a single phone number that will ring where ever I want. If you have my Google Voice number, you can reach me on my cell, at work, or at home. You won’t know which phone is ringing, but who cares? You wanted to reach me. Voice found me. You’re connected.

If I miss your call, you get a voice mail box that is connected to my e-mail and cell phone. I get a text message with the contents of your voice mail; Google’s software transcribes your message and sends it to me.

Google Voice has many other great features. I was able to customize my number, so JRL are part of my digits. If I want to make calls from my Google Voice number, I just use the Web site to choose from my contacts, and Google rings my phone first, then connects me to the person I’m calling. It’s not VOIP, dodging some of the quality issues associated therein. I can make calls within the continental US for free, and overseas calling is cheap. Free text messaging for your cell phone. Custom greetings and custom handling of your contacts. It goes on and on…

And Apple has blocked the Google Voice ap on the iPhone. Google’s superior product is clearly causing alarm at Apple. It makes it a little harder for iPhone users to use Google Voice, but not impossible. Google simply building a Web based iPhone application, making Apple look more evil, when we all really know it’s Google that is trying to take over the world.

So what do you think? Leave me a voice mail. All you have to do is click the graphic above, and enter your phone number in the box. Google will call your phone, and connect you to my voice mail box.

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