Two Red Corvettes for Sale

two red corvettes

Anyone looking to buy a red corvette? Because there are two for sale within a couple miles of my house. In a part of the country known more for its fascination with Subarus than sports cars, a couple of farms have red corvettes out front that are now for sale.

I think it’s a sign of the times. Especially if I add in the Saturn Sky (little yellow two seat convertable) and the BMW around the corner that are also parked out front with a for sale sign. “Sunday Drivers,” Claire likes to call them. Extra cars. My guess is the price being asked is going to make it hard to sell. I say that without knowing what the asking price is, or how much either car is worth; I just know that a lot of people are trying to sell direct to other people these days without really understanding how much value items lose. Whether it’s a used Nintendo Wii being offered for 75% of its full retail price, or office furniture that is “just as good as new” but being offered at nearly full price, it seems that a lot of people are selling used items in the hopes of getting a little cash infusion without really understanding that it takes a pretty deep discount to move used items in a regular economy, and a deeper discount when the economy is stretched thin.

I see other signs of the times that are more encouraging. Help wanted signs. Friends who were unemployed getting interviews or job offers. I think things are looking up, but for today, at least, there are a lot of cars for sale in Rockingham County, and most of them won’t be very practical when the snow starts falling.

The four wheel drive? That’s not for sale!

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