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Pygmy Shrew: World’s Second Smallest Mammal

When I put this blog up, I did NOT expect it to end up being the New England Nature Channel… but when Muffet gave us a full grown live Pygmy Shrew yesterday, I could not resist posting a little video. Enjoy. Best part comes at about 1:15.

The Pygmy Shrew is the second smallest mammal, just larger than a breed of bat. It’s bite is not that painful, like a tiny pin prick (I now know this personally). It eats its weight in bugs each day.


  1. I really enjoyed this video.Its trying to bite at your luck line so be care full about your luck from now to onward.Lolxxxx…Keep uploading more videos fro both entertainment and knowledge together.This pygmy shrew is the cutest mammal and I love to get it in my hands.

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