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New England Flowers

I do not know the names for all of these flowers, but they’re coming up so nicely now that we’ve had some sunny days, I knew some people would want to see them. Photos taken on July 27 with an iPhone. Click thumbnails to enlarge.


  1. So beautiful! The photos of them are as great as the flowers.

  2. These flowers are called beautiful, gorgeous, pretty, very pretty, bright, colorful, fabulous, and amazing. 🙂 I would guess fragrant, aromatice, sweet-smelling and other lovely scent words apply as well. Great pics, too – it’s amazing what phones do these days~~

  3. It’s the 15th of September, and they are mostly gone now. It’s a little bit sad, but as the leaves turn to red, I get this sense of the earth preparing to gather its strength. Autumn seems very busy to me. Last minute preparations are the order of the day.

  4. I would like to start a new garden and I’m trying to get some inspiration… I have to let you know that your pictures are really great inspiration!


  5. Great pictures! I love taking pictures of nature. Flowers, plants, mountains, valleys etc. It soften my weary heart every time I see those. It’s been my inspiration since I was a little child.
    Thank you for these wonderful pictures you posted. very lovely!

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