Cat and chipmunk video – Muffet doing what he does best.

Another nature film, this time it’s Muffet the cat chomping a New England chipmunk on the back deck on Independence Day. Not as graphic as the last video.


  1. I miss Muff!
    But whats even better is that I was right behind you when it happened and the picture is great!
    Your IPhone takes really good videos.
    Love you,
    vivi XOXO

  2. John Lee says:

    good video.

  3. I never really liked watching a cat chomp on its prey. I feel like throwing up whenever I see animals in general feed on each other. I know that’s part of the food chain but my stomach just couldn’t tolerate witnessing how it happens, all the more if I see the actual one. With this video, I can’t help but feel sorry for the cute li’l chipmunk. Oh! poor thing, he gets to be eaten by the aggressive Muffet. No offense to Muffet but in this case I pity much the defenseless chipmunk.

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